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To the official homepage of Scribe, the Lady Outlaw.

Always under construction, this page offers documented information on some of the most infamous outlaws of the Wild West, including the likes of Billy the Kid and Jesse James.

Also featured are links to other informational sites on history's baddest outlaws and other kewl places Scribe has visited on her many trips into CyberCountry on her horse with no name.

Keep checking back for further developments!

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Scribe has added several new pages of information to her Tributes to Billy the Kid and Jesse James!

Billy the Kid

John Wesley Hardin

Jesse James

Sam Bass

Pearl Hart

Note to Students: Documentation of sources is included with most information given.
Please feel free to use them for research papers and essays with Scribe's blessing!

Scribe discovered a few years back that she is related by blood to the outlaw Seaborn Barnes, who became a trusted cohort and friend of Texas Outlaw Sam Bass. The two were killed in Round Rock, Texas, where their graves can still be seen today!

The Legend of Seaborn Barnes

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