Billy The Kid

Scribe's all-time favorite outlaw is Billy the Kid, aka William H. Bonney, Billy the Kid aka Henry Antrim, aka Henry McCarty. While it is generally agreed that Billy was a ruthless murderer, he was also well-liked by the citizens of the towns of Lincoln and Fort Sumner, New Mexico for his charming manners, soft-spoken presence, excellent marksmanship, as well as his sense of fairness, friendship, and honor. While many have speculated as to Billy's character and questioned his morals, perhaps it is best to hear about Billy from those who knew him best - the citizens of Lincoln and Fort Sumner who were interviewed in the late 1930's.

Cruz Alvarez
Berta Ballard
Charles Ballard
George Bede
Josh Brent
Louis Bousman
J.H. "Jake" Byler
David Carabajal
Dr. J.R. Carver
Ambrosio Chavez
Amelia Bolton Church
Martin V. Corn
Elbert Croslin
Ella Davidson
Sam Farmer
Pete Farrell
Francisco Gomez
William E. Kimbrell
Mrs. A.E. Lesnett
Abran Miller
J.M. "Jim" Miller
Lorencita Miranda
Pedro M. Rodriguez
Charles Rouard
J.Y. Thornton
Francisco Trujillo
José Garcia y Trujillo


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