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John Wesley Hardin

In the opinion of many, Texas outlaw John Wesley Hardin is the greatest of all gunfighters, and Lord knows he was just about the deadliest. Born May 26, 1853 to the Reverend J.G. Hardin, John Wesley was an early bloomer in the gunfighter trade. According to the Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters (O'Neal), he quit school at the age of 15 and started his career by shooting Reconstruction soldiers, minorities, and assorted Carpetbaggers. Of course, back then in Rebel Texas, that wasn't much of a crime. However, even before that, at the tender age of eleven, Hardin showed his deadly side when he stabbed another boy in the chest and back in a knife fight.

John Wesley Hardin made his first kill in November 1868 when a former slave refused to give him full access to a public road. Instead of arguing, John Wesley simply put three bullets into the man. Before he was done, 15 men were dead and others were wounded. Hardin's career in dealing death follows:

John Wesley Hardin's Kills

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