Texas Outlaw
The Grave of Sam Bass
This picture appears courtesy of: Curtis Craig and Find A Grave
Sam Bass

Sam Bass was a man with a dream, albeit an illegal one! He rode about the state of Texas, robbing banks and sending the law on wild goose chases. He must have been a convincing guy, because he led such people as Scribe�s own relative Seaborn Barnes in his mission to separate Texas bankers from their money. Sam and his boys also hit up trains and stagecoaches on the side, but as you can see from the tale of Seaborn Barnes, Bass didn�t make it past Round Rock.

Old Round Rock Townsite
The Site of Old Round Rock
Photo courtesy of Steve Grimm.
The Koppel General Store is the pink stucco building on the far right and the third bulding from the right was the bank which Sam and Seaborn were planning to rob.

Below are the statements of those who encountered Sam
during the 1870�s:

William Tell Jolly
Thomas Acey Brown
E.F. Forsgard
Andre Jorgensen Anderson
William Simon Wall
George T. Martin
Dave E. Burns

Read about Scribe's own relative who rode with Sam Bass the day he was shot in Round Rock!

Seaborn Barnes